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price ipl machine
price ipl machine price ipl machine price ipl machine

Supplier wanted professional ipl hair removal machines with uk imported lamp

  • Warranty:

    One Year
  • Light Source Type:

    IPL (Intense Pulse Light)
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE, ISO13485
  • Weight:

  • Dimension:

    122*54*62cm (Package)
  • Pulse Width:

    1- 10ms
  • Spots Diameter:

  • Cooling System:

    Air + Water Cooling
  • Screen:

    8 inch touched screen
  • Voltage:

    110V,60HZ or 220V,50HZ
  • Frequency:

    1 - 10HZ
  • Power:

    800w - 2000W
  • Wavelength:

  • Function:

    Permanent hair removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigment Removal etc
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Machine Description

ODI Laser SHR IPL machine is one of the most popular facial care beauty machine in the world. It has professional IPL skin rejuvenation technology in the field of medical cosmetology, with  remarkable clinical effect, and it is proved to be safe. Using the most advanced technology in the field of optical beauty, effectively solve the painful problems faced by the traditional optical hair removal. It truly realize painless hair removal treatment, which is revolutionary changes in optical, let the beauty lover fully enjoy the comfortable hair removal process.

Real shots of professional ipl machine

Working Parameters

Wave Length



One handle with two filters

Cooling system

semiconductor+air+water+cooling gel

IPL light energy


Span Time of lamp

80.000 shots

Pulse Duration


Pulse NO.


Skin cooling



8"color touch screen

Output power

800w - 2000W


110V,60HZ or 220V,50HZ



SHR Width

1- 10ms

SHR Frequency

1 - 10Hz

Package size

122*54*62cm (Package)



Advantages of professional ipl machine

1. Patented small cobra-type handle with 8mm*25mm, offer more accurate and effective treatment

2. Imported sapphire light guide crystal which is never worn and not needed to be replaced for lifelong use.

3. The unique structure makes its energy 3 times more than normal handle, while the treatment process is painless and comfortable

4. With different wavelength filters, so wide range of applications are available, suitable for a  variety of treatments on different body.

5. SHR Sweeping Mode is optional, which is fast, safe and effective

6. There are three types of cooling system including air cooling, water cooling and semiconductor ice cooling, and the lowest surface temperature of treatment head down to -4~0. Meanwhile, the cooling degree can be adjusted on display, so the treatment is more comfortable, and reduce the risk of scald.

7. The water circulation system is equipped with red copper radiator, stainless steel water pipe and water filter which are also using in 316L pharmaceutical food production. Therefore, it can enhance the cooling effect and maximize maintain the cleanliness of water at the same time, extending the life span of major parts such as lamp, radiator, water pump etc.

Real Shot of patented Small Cobro-type Handle

professional ipl machine

Functions of professional ipl machine

1.Permanent and Painless Hair Removal
   Remove unwanted hair on hand, leg, armpit, chest, back, bikini lines and other body parts
2.Newborn Skin 

  Promote elastic fibers rearrange, smooth wrinkles, stimulate collagen regeneration
3.Pigment Removal
  Remove speckle, sunburn spot, age spot and acne scar etc
4.Improve skin condition
  Improve skin dryness, oil control, blackhead and acne etc
5.Skin Rejuvenation & Skin Whitening
  Shrinking the pore, make the skin whitening, smooth and elastic

Before & After

professional ipl machine

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