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EO Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal machine
EO Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal machine

Top quality 2000W EO Q Switch Laser tattoo removal machine

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    1 year
  • Certificate:

    ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE
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  • Laser Type:

    Q Switch
  • Function:

    Tattoo Removal, Pigment removal
  • Energy:

    1064nm: 600mJ; 532nm: 300mJ (Single Pulse)
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Product summary

LASER's original name is called "Leishe", "laisai", LASER is the shorten name of its definition and taken from the first letter of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation . Single pulse EO Q Switch Laser tattoo removal machine cosmetology is a new beauty method that has become popular in recent years. This method can eliminate the melanin in the face, and with the right amount of laser irradiation which can make the skin tender and smooth. For example, the treatment of acne, color spots, uneven skin color and for its treatment is pain free with high safety ,so it has been popular and is welcomed by people.

working principle of Q Switched Laser

Treatment principle

Pigment removal EO Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal machine technology is the one that makes use of the principle of selective photothermolysis with the instant high energy emit from the laser to have the pigment exploded into smaller pieces which can be consumed by the macrophage or with the help of lymphatic system to have the pigment to be eliminated from our human body .As the human body tissue will not or will take a small amount of the laser 1064mm and 532mm so the laser will not cause any damage to the normal tissue of our skin and our cell structure will remain in tact which is to say that no wound will be caused so this is the safest way to remove the pigment compared with other ways for we guarantee in the greatest scale that our customers will not be bothered by the complication after the treatment .

 Q Switched Laser  

Technical Parameters of EO active laser tattoo removal machine

Laser type
EO Active Q-switch ND YAG laser C10
double wavelength 1064nm/532nm
Screen Touched display
Single-pulse Energy 600mJ (1064nm); 300mJ (532nm)
Power 2000W
Width of pulses 6-8ns
Frequency 1-10HZ
Diameter of spot 1-8mm adjustable
Beam of light transmission 7 articular-arm of light guide transmitting
Indicator of aiming light red semiconductor aiming light, wavelength 650-670nm
Cooling manner Closed-off water circulation + air
Program language
Dimension of package 43*88*110(cm)
G.W. 70kg

220V / 110V

EO Active Q Switch Laser Advantages

Scopes of treatment

1.Endogenous pigment: ota nevus , Itos nevus,mongolian macula,fuscocaerules zygomaticus, coffee spot, freckles, seborrheic keratosis, nevus spilus,junctional naevus,melanosis,hyperpigmentation after wounded,and chloasma etc
2 .Exogenous pigment: tattoo, tattoo eyeline, eyeliner, lip line and traumatic tattoo, etc.

3. 600mj EO Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal machine cooperate with special treatment head easily implement tender skin, shrink pores, fade melanin, skin whitening, to black head and matte effect (Black doll).

Before and After

Q Switch Laser Treatment Before and After

Product advantage

  1. Skin rejuvenation EO Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal machine adopts the advanced technology that is called flat hat average output technology which can make sure that the energy of light emitted and the light worked on the skin is 100% in tact so as to have the operators in full control of the light intensity and make sure the treatment is safe .
  2. It can work on both Endogenous pigment and Exogenous pigment with good effect
  3. 6NS Pulse Width to lighten the sense of pain during the treatment with higher peak power so as to have the pigment explode thoroughly but with less damage do to the skin 
  4. Articular-arm treatment heat with high intensity of energy can guarantee that it can get rid of the pigment of all kinds 
  5. Adjustable light spot adjuster can make sure the treatment area and effect by adjusting and obtaining more stable light spot area.
  6. High-end design of machine outlook with humanized interface which bring convenience to the doctor and operator

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