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hifu machine for skin tightening
hifu machine for skin tightening hifu machine for skin tightening hifu machine for skin tightening

USA Technology portable face lift 3D hifu wrinkle removal machine

  • item no.:

  • Warranty:

    One year
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Treatment Depth:

    1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm
  • Treatment Tips:

    Three treatment tips
  • Cooling System:

    Air cooling
  • Screen:

  • Voltage:

    AC220V±1022 50 / 6 0 Hz
  • Frequency:

  • Power:

  • Function:

    Face lifting, anti-aging, wrinkle removal and skin tightening etc
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USA Technology portable face lift 3D hifu wrinkle removal machine

Advantages of HIFU Facial Machine

1.USA imported ultrasound focusing chip
High quality ultrasound focusing chip transmits high intense focused ultrasound energy to skin layer, such high energy helps to tighten the skin immediately and remove wrinkle fast after first treatment. 

2.Imported spare parts: 
Focused ultrasound transducer is imported from Japan, and the electric motor is imported from Switzerland. High quality machine comes from details.

3. Equipped with three types of treatment tips
The treatment depths of hifu portable machine are 4.5mm, 3.0mm and 1.5mm
They transfer ultrasound energy to different skin layers (SMAS & Dermis Layer & Epidermis), effectively tightening skin from surface to deep.

4. Instant and long-lasting result
Instant result will be checked after first treatment. What’s more, the treatment effect would get better and better along with the time goes by, the best result would be in two months after treatment, and this good result will last 3-5 years.

Feature of portable hifu facelift machine

1. Adopting a USA imported transmitter, high-intense focused ultrasound to the SMAS layer
2. Non-surgical, non-invasive, no downtime, no surgery and without injections
3. It’s suitable for any age for men and women
4. Equipped with three kinds of different levels of energy emission transmitter, the high-energy focused ultrasound transferred to different skin layers
5. Patented high-speed transmitting technology of 0.1-0.25.
6. Advanced development of state output 4-10MHz ultrasound energy
7. Instant result can be seen only after one treatment 

Parameters of portable hifu facelift machine

Operation System

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound


Same Technology and System as USA HIFU Machine

Number of tips

8 tips (optional)



Handle system

Sliding Inner lattice setting


8" inch touched screen

Penetration depth



15 inch Colored Touched Screen

Output Energy



Pulse Digital Mode

Treatment Shots of each tip

2400shots/5000shots (optional & customizable)

Input Energy 

AC220V±1022 50 / 6 0 Hz

Line Length

5mm - 25mm  

Real Shots of portable hifu facelift machine

Treatment Principle for portable high intense focused ultrasound machine

HIFU beauty machine adopts high-intense focused ultrasound technology, which is very different from traditional face lift cosmetic suigery. It is a non-surginal anti-aging treatment technology. The Hifu face lifting machine will transmit high concentrated focus ultrasound energy to penetrate into the deep SMAS skin layer and heat it up in the proper position, the deep dermis would be stimulated to produce more collagen and thus consequently improving the skin texture and reducing sagging of the skin. Therefore, the 3D hifu machine can be used for face lifting, wrinkle removal and skin tightening etc.

Before & After of portable hifu beauty machine

Functions of portable hifu facelift machine

1. Face lifting and neck lifting 

2. Skin tightening and Anti-aging

3. Remove wrinkles on around forehead, eyes, mouth, etc.

4. Improving skin elasticity and shaping contour etc


subject : USA Technology portable face lift 3D hifu wrinkle removal machine

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