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Vagina Tightening

Vagina Tightening

Vagina Tightening

A woman may have several reasons for having a loose vagina. Although some women have it as a feature from birth, others tend to develop after fertility. In any case, a loose vagina may result in a lack of interest in sex.

ODI's innovative vaginal tighten treatment solution which can tighten the vaginal wall, specifically at the entry point to the vagina, also can improve its outer appearance for a refreshed look and feel. Concentrated thermal heating and micro-ablation stimulate collagen regeneration and contracture of elastin fibers, producing a tightening and rejuvenation of the vaginal tissue.

The most recommended solutions for vaginal health are: CO2 Laser Vaginal Tighten machine Vitightlaser C910 laser vaginal tighten machine, Vitighthifu R30 hifu vaginal tightening machine, Vitightrf  R40 RF vaginal tightening machine.

RF Vagianl Tightening Machine Operation Procedure

  1. Preparation: Sterile gloves, masks, gynecological swabs, saline, body lubricant, iodophor, disposable expander, disposable sheets, gauze, etc.
  2. Treatment head sterilization : use saline to clean is OK
  3. Vagina sterilization: Private parts sterilization:use the iodophor to clean vulva with gynecological swabs for 2-3 times and then use saline to get rid of the iodophor and then use the disposable expander to expend the vagina and use gynecological swabs to clean or use the saline to clean it throughly(it is required that after washing and you are supposed to dry the saline)
  4. Parameters setting :to install the treatment head and tell the patient how it feels when one is receiving treatment.
  5. Operations: the clinician should apply the human lubricant or lubrication gel to the treatment head and then put it into the vagina slowly(ask the patient how she feels) it should be start from inside to the outside in 3-5mm for each shot and repeat it till the total shots of the treatment head is running out.
  6. After operation and one is supposed to clean the vulva of patient once again
  7. Tell the customers dos and donts

Parameter settings

Therapeutic head

RF energy

Temperature control

Operate time

treatment suggestion

Mild relaxation

Inner yin




3~5 times

G point



Moderate relaxation

Inner yin




4-6 times

G point



Severe relaxation

Inner yin




6-8 times

G point



Precautions and taboos

  • Security matters
  1. One should check if the wire is connected correctly before use
  2. Without the permission of the manufacturer and the user is forbidden to take down the handle ,treatment heads and the machine.
  3. Treatment handles should be placed in the anchor when it is not being used and while operating the handles and one should use it carefully to avoid it from falling on the ground.
  4. Once the machine is running and wait one minute before using so as to make the system works better
  5. Make sure that the machine is well ground
  6. Avoid direct sun exposure and dont place it next to a heating stuff and you should choose a good place for it during summer time
  7. Keep the machine away from water or humid places(sauna ,bath room etc )to avoid damages
  8. There should be no outside pressure to avoid damage ,especially for the handle which should not fall to the ground
  9. It is forbidden to use the chemical material to wipe the machine (alcohol,Benzene or xina water)to prevent damages
  10. When changing the treatment head and the machine is supposed to shut down
  11. Metal accessories are supposed to be taken off  during the operation
  12. Phone should be shut down or outside the area that is receiving treatment
  • Preoperative contraindication
  1. Virgin ,woman in her pregenency or just had the abortion is not allow to use this machine .
  2. During the period and the day before or after the period is not allow to use the machine
  3. Those who is suggested not to use the machine when is having a normal disease ,and one is suggested to receive the treatment when fully recovered.
  4. Those who have vaginal tumour is forbidden to use this machine
  5. If there is mild wound in the vaginal walls and should be cautious during the treatment and moderate wound is forbidden to use this machine.
  6. Those who with serious sensual diseases is not forbidden to use this machine
  7. Those with cervical erosion, moderate colpitis and serious female diseases is forbidden to use this machine
  • Postoperative warning of RF Vaginal Tightening machine
  1. No need of special care and wash it like you use to do
  2. There will be mild swelling after the operation and tell the customers not to worry and it should be gone within 5 hours
  3. You should stay away from other treatments after receiving this treatment for one month
  4. After the treatment and you are not supposed to do fierce exercise for the first day and you are not supposed to ride a bike and use a bathtub or have sex within one week
  5. After the treatment and you should pay attention to what you eat and you are not allow to eat icy food ,spicy and hot food .do not take the anticoagulant drug like aspirin.Do not smoke and do eat more vegetable and fruit to prevent constipation

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