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vacuum therapy weight loss
vacuum therapy weight loss

Velashape rf vacuum roller ultrasound weight loss machine

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  • Certificate:

    Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Treatment Tips:

    Three Treatment Probes
  • Screen:

    8 inch Touched Screen
  • Voltage:

    AC230V± 10%, 50Hz± 1Hz/ AC110V± 10%, 60Hz± 1Hz
  • Frequency:

  • Wavelength:

  • Function:

    Weight Loss, Body Shape and Lymphatic detoxification etc
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Velashape rf vacuum roller ultrasound weight loss machine prices

Three Types of Probes for ODIVelashape slim machine

1. Big Vacuum Probe & Small Vacuum Probe

  Small probe combines 3 kinds of technologies, including 650nm lipo laser, bipolar rf and pulse type vacuum. Big Probes has an extra mechanical rollers.

  650nm lipo laser and Vacuum rf can deeply heat connective tissue including fibrous septa to promote collagen deposition and fat cell metabolism, so it can tighten skin, reshape body and eliminate orange peel lesions etc Additional mechanical roller stimulation of the tissue can increase the immediate local circulation and lymphatic drainage and relieve fatigue and pain in skin and muscle tissues, which helps to ensure the healthy structure of the skin.      

2. 40KHz Ultrasound Probe

  It releases powerful 40KHz focused ultrasonic, speedily vibrates fat cells, produce numerous vacuum cavitation around the fat cell, mightily impact the fat cells, causing the inner membrane of the fat cells to produce an internal explosion, and break the three glycerol into glycerol and free fatty acids. 

velashape body slimming, weight loss, body shape

Working Parameters

Display screen

8' ' TFT true-color touch screen

Infrared Spetrum


Machine Type

RF Vacuum Roller Lipo Laser Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine

Lipo Laser power(Big vacuum)


Lipo Laser power(small vacuum)


Vacuum power

<=100k Pa

Flow of air pump


Rotate speed


Working mode of roller

1 mode

RF frequency


RF energy density




Effect area:

40*60mm, 15*25mm

Power supply:

AC230V± 10%, 50Hz± 1Hz/ AC110V± 10%, 60Hz± 1Hz

Feedback from our customers

velashape body slimming, weight loss, body shape

Why choose ODIVelashape ?

Certificated and Professional Guarantee
It won ISO13485 certification, EU CE certification, and according to the clinical research of 20 world famous professional doctors working in the Department of dermatology, it is effective for cellulite removal and body shaping.

Significant effect
It combines 5 technologies in 1 machine. High-energy bipolar RF, high-tech 650nm lipo laser, vacuum negative pressure, mechanical roller massage and 40KHz Ultrasonic Cavitation. Painless, non-invasive, comfortable and professional. Immediate result is obvious only after one treatment and the effect if long-lasting. 
After more than 3 million 500 thousand cases of clinical trials and global treatment, its professionalism and effectiveness have been fully verified. The postpartum slimming research shows that, average measurement value on treatment area decreased by 10%, obtaining 97% satisfaction rate.

Whole body application, personalized service

Apply to all parts of the body slimming and body shaping (thin thighs, thin waist) and improve the orange peel appearance, each treatment only needs 20-30 minutes. According to customer's demand, to solve the tailored personalized programs, for more privacy, more comfort.

Real Shots of ODIVelashape body slimming machine

velashape body slimming, weight loss, body shape

velashape body slimming, weight loss, body shape


. Body Slimming and Body Reshape (waist, hip, thigh and shank etc)
. Basic postpartum repair (abdominal circumference, butterfly sleeve, reducing improvestriae of pregnancy)
. Improve peel like appearance
. Cellulite removal and skin tightening
. Improve the local blood circulation
. Relieve mild muscle pain and spasm

Before & After of ODIVelashape Slimming Machine

velashape body slimming, weight loss, body shape

Postpartum mothers’ best choice

The most distressing thing for mother is postpartum bloated body, fat waist, loose skin and ugly stretch marks. ODIVelashape is definitely the best choice for postpartum body slimming and firming. It can slim and shape body, remove stretch marks etc, let you regain the confidence.

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